Philosophical Methodology and Diversity

Daten: 25.-26.11.2016

Ort: Universität Basel

In recent years, there have been lively discussions on philosophical methodology in general, and on concrete philosophical methods in particular. Besides increasingly opening up the boundaries between the so-called analytical and continental way of doing philosophy, many fields in philosophy have been challenged by the methods and arguments of experimental philosophers, or by philosophers who take into consideration actual, politically relevant phenomena of our social world. Another field that has significantly grown in the last years is the systematic study of discrimination and injustice in all their facets, which is already at the core of feminist and critical race theory for a long time.

By taking up these discussions, the one-day workshop will centre on the relation between philosophical methodology and the discrimination of minorities in philosophy (particularly women): is there any? Are there more or less virtuous methods in philosophy when it comes to diversity and the decrease of discrimination? What can particular philosophical methods contribute to diversity in philosophy? How can they prevent us from discriminatory practices in philosophy?

The workshop will include talks by women philosophers from Switzerland and abroad who are working in fields as different as philosophy of language, epistemology, political philosophy, logic and gender studies. Besides the exchange of philosophical ideas, the workshop aims at bringing together various women in philosophy in order to create a stronger and bigger network of female philosophers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other countries. Further workshop information.

Friday, November 25th: Philosophical Methodology and Diversity

09.30-10.00     Welcome Coffee
10.00-10.30     Introduction: Mari Mikkola (Director of SWIP Germany), Rebekka Hufendiek and Deborah Mühlebach (SWIP Germany Basel Ambassadors)
10.30-11.30     Nadja El Kassar, ETH Zürich
11.30-12.00     Coffee Break
12.00-13.00     Katrin Meyer, Universität Basel
13.00-15.00     Lunch Break + Coffee
15.00-16.00     Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
16.00-17.00     Eva von Redecker, HU Berlin
17.00-17.30     Coffee Break
17.30-19.00     Jennifer Saul, University of Sheffield
19.30                Dinner

Saturday, November 26th: SWIP in Switzerland – How to Proceed?

10.00-10.30     Coffee
10.30-11.00     Input SWIP Basel
11.00-13.00     Round Table + Open Discussion with: Angela Martins, Brigitte Hilmer, Jennifer Saul, and Mari Mikkola
13.00               Lunch

Local Organisers: Rebekka Hufendiek/Deborah Mühlebach (for registration and further information, please contact or